Frequently asked questions

Will Lands of Kehliel contain any Pay2Win content?

Absolutely not! We believe there's nothing more frustrating than a game that gives any unfair advantages to players. We will never add such functionality into our game.

What will you be able to purchase with real money?

Lands of Kehliel will feature a wide variety of customization options for players’ characters and houses. This includes unique costumes to make your character stand out or furniture and designs for your house to give it a signature look. This content is purchasable in the game’s shop.

How much will the game cost?

Lands of Kehliel is going to be completely free to play from the moment it launches!

Will there be races?

The human race is the only playable race we have implemented in the game. Maybe, depending on player interest after the release, we can add more in the future.

What are the Alpha/Beta release dates?

The Alpha will begin 7 months after the kickstarter-campaign launch. About 10 months from the alpha test, the game will be released into a closed Beta.

Can you play solo?

Yes and no! All the journeys are done by groups of 4, however, if you come alone you will be automatched with 3 other people to form a group. Obviously, you can play solo even while in a group, but keep in mind, cooperation is highly rewarded in journeys.

What makes abilities in Lands of Kehliel new and unique?

Abilities will work differently depending on the weapon wielded. All classes have the option to wield any weapon, and depending on the class, each weapon will have varying abilities.

What classes will be available to play on release?

That hasn’t been decided yet. However, there will be plenty of variety in the class choice so that each player can find something he or she loves.

How can I reserve my name?

Name reservations will be opened in a later stage of the development. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter!

How will player housing work?

Players will be able to buy a piece of land on Arquebus and build a house on it by buying a design with in-game currency or real money. Housing won’t affect anything on journeys or in combat.

Will Lands of Kehliel be on Steam/Epic Games store?

Yes, we do have plans to launch the game on Steam and Epic Games store.

How can I keep up with the latest news?

You can subscribe to the newsletter on our website, join our Discord Channel, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Will the game be available on consoles?

No, the game will only be available on PC.

What will happen if my group and I lose on a journey?

This depends on if the game is a ranked journey where you will lose fame, however, outside of ranked, not much happens besides gaining less gold.

What happens when you die on a journey?

You will respawn after a short delay at the nearest city that you have passed.

Will you sell packages before the game is playable?

We will not sell anything before the game is playable, and by playable, we mean that you will be able to enter it and test it out with a full refund policy.

What will happen if the Kickstarter campaign fails?

We're going to use Kickstarter mostly for "Validation" and “Market proof”. We want to know if the game is heading in the right direction for success and to hold it as an ace up our sleeve for investors. The outcome of the Kickstarter won't matter much, since the game will be funded through investors as with most startups. Even if the Kickstarter campaign fails the game will still be published.

What will you use the Kickstarter campaign funding for?

We will mainly use the funding for game extras and hiring more team members in order to deliver the game faster with more content and specific events. We can also use it on advertising to some degree.

What will I get from backing your campaign?

Since backing a Kickstarter campaign can feel like a risk, we want to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. As with any other MMORPG Kickstarter campaign, backers will get the usual stuff- exclusive cosmetics, in-game titles, and earlier access to the game itself. However, trust is better earned, and unlike other Kickstarter MMORPGs, we want to give the backers something of immediate value. Each week after the Kickstarter launches, our backers will get unique live lessons using Zoom that gives them an in-depth look into game development from our team (sound, code, design, etc.). They also get the opportunity to ask questions, offer suggestions, and directly engage with us.

How much funding do you plan on raising through the Kickstarter campaign?

We’re going to set the minimum at around $800,000, which will be enough to hire 3 more developers for 2 years.

What is the engine/tech you are using?

We’re using Unity (HDRP) as our game development engine.

How large is your team?

At the moment, we have 3 software developers on the team. They know what they're doing! Don’t worry though, we are going to grow very soon through investments just like startup companies would.

What is your experience?

Our experience varies from building complex infrastructures to combat simulators in the army. The current team is composed of veterans that have been working in multiple critical areas for years, and decided it's time to do what we really love.

How long have you been in development for?

The game has been in development for the past year (late 2019-2020).

When will the game be fully released?

Our aim is to deliver the game within 2 years, which means early 2023.

How long does it take to finish a journey?

Most of the journeys will be about 60 minutes on average, but we are still testing that out to improve the flow for players.

What is the game’s player perspective?

The game view will be isometric.

So, is it a PvP game? Or is there PvE as well?

Lands of Kehliel features both PvP and PvE, each rewarding the players in unique ways. PvP will let you slow down the other teams while claiming experience and souls to forge better equipment with. PvE will let you achieve levels and gold faster, while also giving you equipment or scraps worn by mobs and bosses.

What does it mean that quests aren’t repetitive?

Quests in Lands of Kehliel aren't repetitive, which means that once a player finishes a quest, no one else can trigger it and get the rewards during that journey. Strategy is a must!

Is the whole game world instanced?

Short answer: no. Lands of Kehliel’s world is divided: The Hub - The city of Arquebus where all players reside, customize their character, manage their guilds, etc. The Journeys - About an hour-long instanced match with 4 teams of 4 competing for rewards through the main quest line.

What is the permanent progression in the game?

The main way players and guilds will be able to progress is by gaining "Fame". Fame will determine the rank of the players and guilds, which gives them visual benefits such as unique houses, blueprints, rare titles, snazzy costumes, etc. Players with high Fame will be matched against foes with equivalent Fame level.