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Lands of Kehliel is an open world MMORPG that takes place in the fantasy lands of Kehliel.

The game is the first MMORPG that focuses in on competition and personal skill.

You will set off on a long road filled with journeys to liberate the people of the land,

compete against other players and guilds for honor,

and fight to save the lives of the innocent from the evil creatures made by "The Creator".

The game is all about YOU the player. Will YOU become a legend?

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Lands & Journeys

Lands of Kehliel consists of multiple areas for the players to explore.
The capital of the world is called Arquebus and is the hub where all players reside.

When players log in, they wake up in Arquebus, where they can take care of their character's looks, buy new costumes, form guilds with friends, and buy land to build on it for themselves or their guilds.
From the big city, the players can go on a journey to the rest of Kehliel's lands.
Lands of Kehliel features multiple competitive journeys for the player to choose from.
The first one is called “Recovering the Golden Apple of Eden” and is located on the “Isle of Elinor”.



In Arquebus’s territory, players will be capable of buying their own plot of land!

Once a player owns a piece of Arquebus, he or she can build a house on it.

Players will be capable of decorating their houses with furniture to customize a look that suits them most. They can also build multiple houses on their land if they choose. Keep in mind, the more land and houses a player has, the higher the monthly price he or she needs to pay.

Besides single player’s housing, players can also build a house together for their entire guild - a “Guild House”.


In Lands of Kehliel, players will be able to form Guilds.

Players from the same guild can then group up for competitive journeys together and obtain fame for their guild.

The higher the fame of the guild, the more visual benefits it gets - unique guild costumes, better looking guild houses, more land, titles, etc.

In order to establish a guild, there must be at least 4 people willing to do so. After these 4 players have gathered, they can buy a guild license and choose their guild’s name and emblem.

The higher the grade of a guild license, the more privileges the guild is allotted, such as a greater member cap, bigger lands to purchase, etc. Guilds will be able to buy residency and build a guild house on it, make a ranking system among their members, create a federation with mutual interest guilds, and declare wars on other guilds.



Lands of Kehliel gives each player a unique, customizable character.

Players can craft their characters by changing their hair, face, body type, and clothing.

An individual character can own lands, lead guilds, and hold titles of honor.

Characters are ranked by their fame level, an accumulation of their successes they've acquired through journeys.

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A journey in Kehliel is tasked by 4 teams of 4 players competing with each other.
Each group aims to be the first one to finish the "Main Quest Line" and gain the honor of saving the people of the lands.


Before a player begins their journey, they are given a wide and unique range of classes to choose from.

No matter the class a player chooses, from tank to healer, all the classes have aspects that differentiate themselves from the others. Each one comes equipped with different base stats and offers 3 unique skill trees filled with abilities the players can pick from.



Quests in these battle-worn lands are unique and not at all repetitive.

Once completed, they can’t be triggered again by anyone.

Most of the quests can be contested by multiple teams! Unique quest items might drop if the player carrying them dies, resulting in another team picking the items up and gaining the reward.

Quests mark the players currently assigned to them on the map, and gauge if they are contested.

There's a limit to this, however, and each team is limited to running up to 3 regular quests at

the same time. Aside from the regular quests, the game also features the “Main Quest”.

This quest is given to all players at the beginning, directing them towards “End of the Journey Quest”.

The first team to finish the "Main Quest Line" will win the match! Beware though, some quests in the main quest line can be contested as well.

Night & Day

Lands of Kehliel incorporates a day and night cycle.

Some quests, mobs and bosses are only available during night or day.



Gathering in the lands can be very useful to a player.

It can be used for leveling, crafting, alchemy, and questing.

There are several materials players can gather including wood, cotton, stone, unique world items, and so on.

Normal materials, such as wood, respawn after a short duration. But some of them are going to require more than that.

Most of the gathering actions take a small amount of time (several seconds to none), while others, like unique world items, take considerable effort. (Oh, that's a big crystal! I wonder if I can use it for something?)



While gathering a lot of materials is cool, they do have their purpose, and that's where crafting comes in.

With the materials gained, the player can make wearable equipment or usable items such as potions or parts of a schematic that come together, like a ship.

In order to craft, the player needs to go to the appropriate crafting NPC, select the required skill, set the ingredients, and start the process. If an equipment piece is crafted, its stats and effects will be randomized while keeping the base stats of the gear piece in mind (for example, a sword will always have a good chunk of physical damage).

Some crafting options will have a lower success chance, that upon failure the ingredients will be gone for nothing.


Shops & Trading

With the gold gained on the journey, the players can trade with one another or buy items from different merchants. Beware though, just like with the quests, shops’ items aren’t “repetitive”, which means once it's bought, it's not coming back! For example, if there are 4 apples at the shop, and you buy one, only 3 are left.

Besides buying from merchants, the player will be capable of selling stuff they don’t need to the merchant, for a much lower price than bought. Some of these items might be sold back at that shop.



With Lands of Kehliel having an open world map, the world is anything but small.

Each journey takes place on a different section of the lands. These individual sections are big and take around 20 minutes to cross from one side to another in a straight line by foot.

Therefore the players need better means, or faster means, of travel. Players can move faster in 3 ways.

The first are mounts that can be bought from a merchant's shop, questing, or caught in the wild using a net.

The second way would be to use ships. Ships can be crafted by players, gained through questing, or bought from a merchant’s shop.

And the last way is by using teleportation stones in order to go back to saved waypoints found around the map, especially in cities and villages. Teleportation stones can be crafted, gained from questing, found by mobs or bought from a merchant.

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Player vs. Player

Lands of Kehliel encourages players to fight against each other over resources such as quests, items and souls.

Upon death, players leave a fragment of their soul behind that can be collected by enemy teams and used to craft equipment.

Player vs. Environment

Multiple creatures and bosses await for the players to contest with.

Upon killing these mobs, the game sticks to a “what you see is what you get” philosophy.

If a mob holds a sword, that item is then able to be won.



The combat of the game consists of hack n' slash, personal skill based combat.

Each player in Lands of Kehliel can wield up to 8 active abilities and 6 passive abilities, divided into projectiles, buffs, movement abilities, and so on.

Abilities can be chained together to make a combo effect, increasing the power of the next ability in the chain.



The weapons found across the lands are unique and synergize with abilities.

A good chunk of abilities will work differently with different weapons. For example, a dragon projectile active ability will become a part of the spear if that weapon is equipped, enhancing the basic attack range and damage, therefore becoming a buff instead of a projectile ability.

Another example can be with a passive skill, making all magical attack skills' ratios come from the weapon’s physical damage instead of magical.

Weapons in Lands of Keliel have both magic/physical damage attributes and attack speed.


Lands of Kehliel has 3 unique types of armor.

There's cloth, which is strong against magic damage, leather, which is balanced, and plate, an armor strong against physical damage. Armor from the same type triggers bonus "Type Effects", while items from the same set triggers “Set Effects”. Both give different additional buffs.


Legendary Items

Some items in Lands of Kehliel are considered Legendary! These items can only be obtained from bosses,

hidden chests, or special quests.

Legendary items are upgradeable and grant you special effects that are upgraded with the equipment.

For example, imagine a dagger which can be upgraded into an assassins' blade. A dagger like that might have an effect like this: “Sneaky Peaky! This dagger makes the character invisible while crawling outside of combat.

If upgraded to Nightshade Blade, it will also allow the character to walk invisible outside of combat".