DEV UPDATE (14.02.2021)


DEV UPDATE (14.02.2021)

Hello citizens of the lands!

We haven't spoken for a while, have we?

I've got some wonderful news on our progress so far in making the lands suitable for your.. how would I say that..? delicate taste.

First of all, I would like to update you that we're working very hard, night and day in order to prepare the residency for you - right on time!
At the moment, our main focus is on expanding our team of professional developers.

Since expanding the team requires a lot of .. gold, we are in search of some investors that would like to join and support our hardworking family. Once we recruit some more workers, we will update you more frequently on what is going on with our land!

Besides that, we are also hard focused on creating the perfect environment for you to grow stronger and defeat the evil monsters created by "The Creator". We are refining skills and arts that you can learn and use to defend yourselves and your allies through the journeys, against enemies and foes. We have also hired 5 class masters that will teach you how to be either a Deus Ventus, Battle Magus, Soul Hunter, Zen or a Beast Lord.

Lately, we’ve also been in touch with “Improbable” (the creator of SpatialOS) in order to make our networking solution more suitable, stable and fun for Lands of Kehliel.

Stay tuned for future updates!

Best regards,